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​Spinifex has been working with local councils, both regional and metropolitan, since 1998.

We understand that every employee, whether in the office or out on the road, can make a big impact on the day-to-day lives of the people in their community.

Our experienced local government recruiters live and work in your communities, and place people:

  • in all types of roles including permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time and contract

  • in positions such as:

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  • Accountants

  • Compliance and Risk Managers

  • Engineers

  • Gas, Water and Electricity Specialists

  • Human Resource Specialists

  • Project Managers

  • Strategic Planners

  • Workplace Health & Safety Officers

Regional only:

  • Horticulturists

  • Labourers

  • Life Guards

  • Traffic Controllers (from our Byron Bay office)

We are a preferred supplier through the Local Government Procurement LGP808-3 Contract across NSW.

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​Working with local councils, both regional & metropolitan since 1998.

  • ​I have worked with Spinifex and Samantha Khosid as my direct recruitment consultant for over twelve months now. As the Director for Children’s Services, my portfolio is wide in regards to seeking casual and permanent labour hire. Spinifex as an organisation has undoubtably and consistently met all my expectations in support. From seeking new staff, to interviewing, payroll matters, communication, collaborating to final appointments across varied sites I have always experienced exemplary engagement and support systems. It is not only professionally reassuring, it is also personally valued to work with such a collectively helpful, solid, consistent and professional team.

    Cait (client)
  • ​To the Team at Spinifex Recruiting, Richmond Valley Council would like to thank you and formally recognise, the high level of service, friendly Contract Managers and quick response to service delivery concerns we receive from the Spinifex team. We look forward to continued service from our preferred labour supplier of choice.

    ​Luke (client)
  • ​Spinifex had always been my labour hire company of choice within the region. The candidates and workers supplied by Spinifex have been of the highest calibre from senior managers to traffic controllers. Samantha has always been quickly responsive to any calls, concerns or requests that I had, she would also gently nudge me if I may be delayed in responsiveness. Our quarterly meeting off-site greatly enhanced our professional relationship and trust and also enabled candid feedback and sharing of ideas. I strongly recommend Spinifex for not only supplying workers at a minute’s notice but sourcing high calibre candidates to interview.

    Caroline (client)
  • S​pinifex Recruiting have been assisting the our company in sourcing high calibre, experienced employees across a multitude of roles for the past two years. The staff at Spinifex are knowledgeable, efficient and resourceful in finding suitable candidates and ensuring rostering requirements are met. They have taken the time to understand our business and staff requirements and consistently communicate and check in with the progress of casual staff. Spinifex have been and continue to be our go to method for the recruitment of casual employees.

    Bradley (client)
  • ​I recommend Spinifex Recruiting as they are experienced in supporting Local Government and consistently place staff quickly due to their extensive client base. They have been willing to modify their reporting, candidate assessment and onboarding services in line with our continuous improvement agenda. Spinifex staff are great to deal with and are consistently responsive and outcome focused.

    Tonia (client)
  • ​Ben is one of the best recruiters I have ever faced. Ben is honest, kind and supportive, helping me find a role as a Project Manager role in Local Government.I wish him more success in the future and highly recommend him as a recruiter in Industry.

    Mohammad (candidate)

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