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Employee Assistance Program

​Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Acacia Employee Assistance program EAP

Acacia EAP is Spinifex Recruiting’s dedicated independent Employee Assistance Program provider
This is a confidential counselling service to help all employees deal with personal or work-related issues in a positive way. Acacia EAP involves short-term counselling to assist workers in overcoming life’s challenges and return them to a better state of emotional well-being.

Q. Is the Employee Assistance Program confidential?

Acacia EAP is an independent EAP provider which ensures your counselling sessions remain completely confidential. In accordance with the Privacy Act, Acacia EAP never discloses your personal details to anyone without your written consent.

Q. How much will it cost?

Short-term counselling is offered to you free of charge by your employer as part of your EAP benefit package. Speak with us for further details on what is included in your organisation’s EAP program. Your employer may also extend this service for immediate family members. We can confirm this for you when you contact us.

Q. Will my manager or employer know if I book an EAP session?

No, Acacia EAP does not disclose any information relating to your EAP sessions to your manager or employer. Individual employee names are never disclosed unless you consent to us advising them. Our service is highly confidential.

Q. Where can I have my appointment?

Acacia EAP has a network of highly qualified, registered psychologists and counsellors across Australia and internationally. We will arrange assistance for you in a convenient location close to where you work or live. Phone, video link/live chat options are also available if preferred.

Q. How to contact Acacia EAP?

Go to the Acacia EAP website (link below) to see the various connection options which include calling1300 364 273, a SMS number, a Chat now or a request appointment contact form.

For more information download this Acacia EAP brochure