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Take a Look at Orange NSW

A region of national and international opportunities for job seekers and employers


Orange is just 3.5 hours drive and 1 hour plane trip from Sydney, in the well-connected and innovative Central West and Orana region. It’s a region of ever-growing opportunities for employers and job seekers in a range of sectors such as ag-tech, food services, advanced manufacturing, mining & resources, renewable energy, logistics and health.

Find out more about the Central West and Orana regional economy

A vibrant lifestyle without the stress of long commutes

It’s all here. A beautifully-balanced blend of city and country living created by:

  • well-established infrastructure and connectivity

  • supportive community spirit

  • great schools and learning institutions like Charles Sturt University

  • hundreds of sporting and community clubs for all ages and interests

  • a wealth of small, trendy bars, restaurants, patisseries, artisanal food providores and wineries

  • some of the most beautiful landscapes in NSW and the rich history of Wiradjuri land.

These are just some of the reasons to think Orange. But don’t take our word for it, find out more about living here.

A city with a big heart and an ambitious vision


Orange City has a clear vision of how it will operate and support economic and employment growth over the next 20 years. It’s Activate Orange strategy is the first stage of a once-in-a-lifetime regional transformation that will enable it to be the powerhouse of inland NSW.

This vision is backed by the unique mix of diverse businesses, from local and statewide to national and multinational, which call this city home.

Find out more about the city’s vision for the future.

More time and financial freedom to enjoy the things you love

Let’s start with the flourishing arts and cultural scene, the fine dining, abundant produce farm gates, cellar doors and markets … or just catching up with friends for a street party.

For the health nuts there are gyms, spas, pilates studios, an awesome aquatic centre, a club for nearly every sport from Xtreme to the more-traditional like Duntryleague, one of the best regional golf courses in Australia.

Within a short distance there’s historic villages to explore. Mountains to trek up. Bush and lake walks, trails and bike tracks to challenge yourself.

If you don’t want to venture outside the city, there’s a year-round calendar of festivals – from chamber music and bush poetry to fire and food – exhibitions, shows and concerts.

And if you love life-long learning, there’s always a class, workshop or talk on everything from cooking and mindfulness to astrophotography and indigenous dreamtime storytelling.

Discover what’s just a short hop, skip and jump from your home in Orange.

Perspectives from the locals who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt

Stefanie Loader

Stefanie Loader
Chairperson, Port Waratah Coal Services
Non Executive Director, St Barbara Limited and Sunrise Energy Metals Limited
Director & Chair, CatholicCare Wilcannia Forbes
Director, Orange360
Member, Telstra Regional Advisory Council
Champion and advocate for thriving regional economies
Living and working in Orange since 2018

“People sometimes ask me, why, after working and living in seven countries, I chose to make Orange my home.

“There’s many reasons.

“For a start, people really engage with each other here, across all walks of life, all ages. The Orange community is very inclusive.

“Then there are the location and the lifestyle.

“When my family was looking for a place to settle in Australia, we took a close look at our average day, what we wanted and needed to do.

“This included schools, shopping, sports, work and play. What the commute looks like, how long it takes to get around. What we might need and want to do in the future.

“We looked at a number of locations, such as Sydney, Brisbane, even Perth, and Orange beat them all hands down. It had everything we wanted, all within 30-minutes drive. And lots more places we love within 60 minutes. More time to do the things we love was a huge drawcard.

“That’s not to say everything is perfect. There are challenges in every location. Here in Orange, for example, the rental market is very tight and there will be water restrictions during dry periods.

“But challenges like this also create job opportunities and demand for the skills and services we need to find solutions and drive the local economy forward.

“As does every professional coming to Orange because they add to the diversity, and diversity breeds opportunity. Everyone who moves here will generate economic activity and jobs by increasing demand for local services.

“Then there’s the things that may surprise you. Like the highly-supportive business community in Orange, the digital connectivity, the top class medical facilities and the abundance of sporting and community clubs.

“And when you get here. Well, nothing beats immersing yourself in everything the Orange region has to offer.

“The advice I give people relocating is don’t be an ‘expat’.

“If you come armed with the belief that ‘they’re not my people’ … you’ll miss out on some great experiences.”

Caddie Marshall

Caddie Marshall
General Manager, Orange360
Board Member, Central NSW Business HQ + Age of Fishes Museum
International Commerce, Brand and Marketing Maven
Living and working in Orange since 2012

“The Orange region is the land of opportunities with a generosity of spirit and local pride that’s evident wherever you go.

“It’s the personal touch that people first experience when they come here.

“For example, if you go to any of our 35 plus wineries, you’ll probably be greeted by the winemaker at the cellar door. Most local businesses here are like that. Keen to actually talk to their customers; and support each other so you have this real sense of community.

“We also have extraordinary levels of volunteering in a diverse range of fields. People who move here find it’s a great way to contribute to their new home and get to know the region.

“But there are other things that really blow peoples’ minds.

“The diversity and vibrancy of our arts and cultural scene.

“The sophistication of our cafés, bars and restaurants.

“The growing tech talent community from start-ups and scientific R&D to agriculture and mining. And the high demand for more of those skills to help support economic growth in the region. There is a strong recognition that we all benefit from different skillsets coming into our community, expanding what we can enjoy, do and offer.

“How connected Orange is. Not just by road, rail and air but also digitally. And not just with the rest of Australia but also overseas.

“We have all the conveniences of a modern city, in a relaxed country lifestyle.”


Julia Jackson
Owner-Operator, OrangeVIP
Bespoke vacation designer
Event Manager
Trainer & Presenter
Interior Decorator & Colour Consultant
Orange region aficionado
Living and working in Orange since 2017

“I love seeing people’s reaction when they discover things about Orange and the region they didn’t know existed.

“It doesn’t matter who it is. Whether they’re corporate event guests, groups on a holiday, or people looking to relocate, there’s always something that surprises them.

“People who relocate here from bigger cities, generally make the move for a healthier lifestyle or job opportunity, thinking they might have to sacrifice a lot of the perks of living in a city.

“Instead, they discover that in Orange you can have the best of both worlds – a vibrant and active city with all the benefits of a beautiful rural environment. And it’s all just minutes, not hours, from your doorstep.

“There’s a level of sophistication many don’t expect. We have award-winning restaurants, cafes and wineries. A wealth of shopping options – from the big brands to artisans and farmgates. And a year-long calendar of arts and cultural events, from chamber music and rock concerts to Food Week in Autumn and the Fire Festival in Winter.

“For families in particular, there’s all the things you need like great schools, a diverse variety of sports and community clubs, and top-flight hospital and medical services.

“But there’s also all the things you want to give your kids, like less chaos, an inclusive and strong community, the time and opportunity to get out and explore the great outdoors, connect with nature, better understand the history of the land we live on and the provenance of the food we eat.

“For me personally, having given our children both a city and country upbringing, it has allowed them to find a love of a rural life that I didn’t experience in my childhood.

“It’s given them a love of livestock and farming, campfires and open space. The opportunity to escape from the busy city life and to appreciate both worlds with open eyes and minds.

“They have built resilience through experiencing life on the land that will hopefully help them in the future.

“I feel very privileged helping introduce people to all the joys and delights of the Orange region.”

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