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First Time Registration

If you’d like us to help you find the right job (and you haven't already applied to an advertised job), please use one of the registration links below. Please use the registration link that best reflects the area that you currently live in or near.

Please do not attempt to register more than once.

Important, applicants will need to be able to provide documents as evidence of right to work in Australia.

Please note – if you have previously applied to a job on our jobs page then you have already registered your details with Spinifex Recruiting so there is no need to register again, just simply contact your closest office.

​When registering please upload your Resume/CV in Word DOCX format.


If you live in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle or the Central Coast.

Register as a City candidate


If you live in Regional NSW, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Central, Western, North west,  Riverina & Southern NSW.

Register as a Country candidate


If you live in Coastal NSW (Mid-coast to Far North coast) or South East Queensland (please also search our jobs page for Lismore-Far North Coast region).

Register as a Coastal candidate