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25 – Frequently asked question on NSW Government recruitment

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25 – Frequently asked question on NSW Government recruitment

The challenge:

As a small NSW government agency with limited HR resources, how do I quickly and easily hire staff, particularly if I have time pressures on me?

The solution:

Use the Talent Acquisition Scheme SCM0012 (known as Scheme 12).

Scheme 12 key points

It’s a great procurement resource, particularly for small to medium agencies that don’t have their own HR team, have limited HR resources, and/or operate in regional areas.

It gives you quick and easy access to a range of recruitment services, such as:

  • Design and delivery of assessments

  • Talent search

  • Psychometric tools

  • Recruitment technologies

Who can use it?

  • NSW Government departments, agencies and state-owned corporations

  • Non-NSW Government entities can also apply to become a registered buyer

How can you use it?

You can start the process off at the Buy NSW gateway to procurement resources and services.

Here’s an example: The NSW Small Business Commission needed to recruit a permanent Senior Media and Communications Manager with specialist skills. There were sensitivities and time pressures.

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The SBC is a small agency within the NSW Treasury cluster which provides advocacy, mediation, strategic advice and other resources for the 800,000 small businesses throughout NSW.

It opted to access the Scheme 12 panel of pre-qualified suppliers and select the one which best met its requirements, no tendering required. In this case it was Spinifex Recruiting.

From briefing to preferred candidate selection, the process took only four weeks. This included:

  • a period of 14 days during which the external advertisement remained open

  • screening of over 100 enquiries and 53 formal applications

  • selecting a short list of four final candidates for interview by the Commissioner

  • negotiation, signing of contract and onboarding paperwork for the successful candidate

As a pre-qualified supplier, Spinifex Recruiting was able to expedite the recruitment process because of our:

  • extensive talent bank sourced through nine offices across NSW

  • 30 years’ experience recruiting for NSW State Government and supporting busy Procurement and HR teams – whether it’s simply carrying the load for one stage of the process or managing it end-to-end

  • Consultants’ deep understanding of the GSE Act and the NSW Procurement Board Goods and Services Policy Framework, backed by the highest quality standards we adhere to as part of our ISO 9001 accreditation

The end result? A fast, successful and compliant process thanks to Scheme 12.