Thriving Women 2023

31 – Thriving Women 2023 Conference

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31 – Thriving Women 2023 Conference

Our Operations Director, Victoria Bila, and our Recruitment Consultant, Claudia Johnston, are thrilled to be attending the Thriving Women 2023 Conference from 13th to 15th August at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga!

The Thriving Women 2023 Conference is the premier event dedicated to empowering women in agriculture and related industries. With the theme “Growing and Inspiring Women Connected through Agriculture,” the conference celebrates the critical role women play in primary production, natural resource management and rural communities. Thriving Women Conferences provide an opportunity for women and men to meet in an environment that supports openness and curiosity. Delegates are encouraged to share stories, learn, network and participate in dynamic conversations.

The conference sub-themes are:

  • Building Strong Foundations

  • Future Frameworks

  • Cultivating Curiosity

  • The Power of Storytelling