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23 – The human factor in recruiting

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23 – The human factor in recruiting

This week we’re going beyond the job description into workplace culture. Here’s a great example of what we’re talking about …

In 2006, David Bardos, an international trade manager, and his wife Jane, a teacher, were working 15-hour days in the Philippines.

“It seemed like we were always at work and it felt like we were going to miss our kids growing up, says David.

“So, we made a ‘career’ decision for the family. We looked at the lifestyles of countries around the world and chose regional Australia; and we’ve never looked back.

“The biggest reward for all of us is time. Time to enjoy life with each other, time to spend with friends, time to contribute to our local community. My wife teaches English as a second language. My daughter is involved in fundraising and is studying commerce and media. My son is a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets and PCYC Emergency Cadets and looking to pursue a career with the Australian Defence Force.

“And me, well I’m loving my job as business development manager in Murray-Riverina for Port of Melbourne, linking regional agribusiness with export markets and keeping the supply chain moving for local produce.”

Spinifex Group Manager, Damien O’Donnellexplains: “David was one of the first skilled migrants we helped to recruit in the Riverina and a great example of the human factor in recruitment.

“This wasn’t just about David seeking a career change, it was about wanting a different lifestyle for his family, so his motivation went beyond just finding a job.

“It was also about workplace culture fit. Some people have skills and knowledge that tick all the boxes on a job description, but recruitment must go beyond the job description. You have to consider how well a candidate can fit in and be happy in a workplace culture and form the relationships they need to be productive.

“Taking all those human factors into account, this job was a perfect match between David and Port of Melbourne.

“We’re so proud to see David now, 10 years on, being so highly regarded across the region for his work in keeping exports moving from the Riverina to Port Melbourne and around the world.”