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13 – Negotiation skills – Cyber security

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13 – Negotiation skills – Cyber security

Where the jobs areand other useful things to know and do for all the employers, contractors and job seekers in the Spinifex community


On 31 May, the Victorian government eased restrictions. On 21 June, following a spike in COVID-19 cases, they had to tighten them again.

This is our new reality: we’re building the plane as we’re flying it, and we’re all flying in it together.

It’s a wake-up call for both employers and employees to make time to talk about realities, risks and opportunities going forward. Particularly in the lead up to September when it is expected that emergency government support measures, such as JobKeeper, will cease.

But first, let’s start with where the jobs are

Over the past week, we’ve listed a number of job opportunities in the following industry sectors and locations across NSW, with around 29% in the Government sector.










Sydney – Bankstown, Drummoyne


Tweed Heads


Wagga Wagga




For more information, take a look at our current jobopportunities .

Also check out the Australian Government Jobs Hub

What’s up for negotiation in the lead up to September?


We’ve been hearing a lot about the need for agility, adaptability, flexibility and endurance.

It’s true that all of those capabilities are required, on an individual and organisational level, to make our way through the volatile and fast-changing COVID environment.

But one capability, which is not talked about enough is negotiation: the ability to reach agreement despite differing positions.

As we move towards September when emergency government support measures are expected to end, many employers and employees will need to chart a course forward by making decisions about critical factors such as:

  • How to maintain a safe workplace

  • How to keep the business sustainable and productive

  • How to progress

There are going to be some decisions only business owners can make. Decisions not up for negotiation, such as those required by law or market realities.

However, there are also areas where negotiation is not only necessary for good governance but also advantageous to a business in finding ways to move forward, manage risks and pursue new opportunities.

In this high-risk environment, there are going to be (sometimes vastly) differing opinions and the ability to negotiate will be a critical skill.

So, how are your negotiation skills?

As John F Kennedy said: “If there is negotiation, it must be rooted in mutual respect and concern for the rights of others.”

Successful negotiation requires us to understand and acknowledge others’ interests, values, needs and fears to establish common ground on which agreement can be built.

More information on what you might need to negotiate … and how:

Risks and opportunities for employers and employees in the lead up to September

Risks and opportunities for job seekers in the lead up to September

An overview of a standard negotiation process

Finally: how secure are your browser-based systems?

Last week, the PM put the nation on alert about an increase in the scale and sophistication of malicious cyber-attacks.

Given that many people are currently working from home and dependent on online networks, it’s more important than ever to take steps to secure the software and systems we use, as per the government’s advice:

Both businesses and individuals should “patch” internet devices (PCs, laptops, phones and pads) with the latest updates from software providers and continue to keep their software up to date.

Both businesses and individuals should use multi-factor authentication to secure access to internet, infrastructure and cloud-based platforms.

Businesses are encouraged to become an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) partner to ensure they get the latest cyber threat advice to protect their organisation online.

For more information and useful advice for businesses of all sizes and types, see the Australian Government’s cyber security portal

Until next week, stay safe.​


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