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11 – Returning to the workplace checklists

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11 – Returning to the workplace checklists

Where the jobs are and other useful things to know and do for all the employers, contractors and job seekers in the Spinifex community

Source: https://transportnsw.info/covid-19

How prepared are we to work in the new normal? Now’s a good time to pause for a COVID-safe health check:

  • Are you ready to bring people back to the workplace?

  • Are you ready to apply for a job?

But first, let’s start with where the jobs are

Over the past week, we’ve listed a number of job opportunities in the following sectors and locations across NSW. Around 26% of those jobs are in the Construction sector.








Sydney – City, St Leonards


Wagga Wagga




For more information, take a look at our current job opportunities   https://spinifexrecruiting.com.au/jobs.php

Also check out the Australian Government Jobs Hub   https://www.dese.gov.au/covid-19/jobs-hub

Are you ready to bring people back to the workplace?

Checklist for employers

Are you taking advantage of the support and resources available to you?

Are you ready to apply for a job?

Source: https://danielbortz.com/tag/job-interview

Checklist for job seekers

Next week, we’re sliding into the world of cutting-edge science

A joint venture between one of Australia’s most progressive dairy farms and world-leading genetic service providers will see new opportunities for local and international veterinarian professionals to access advanced reproductive services and training. We’ll cover this and other opportunities in the STEAM* sector with our resident specialist Melinda Barton.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture & Manufacturing

Until then, stay safe

Scott C Small

Victoria Bila

Managing Director

Group Manager – Operations

Andrew Egan

Damien O’Donnell

Group Manager – Regional Operations

Group Manager – Regional & Executive

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