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08 – Building trust in a socially-distanced world

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08 – Building trust in a socially-distanced world

Where the jobs are, and other useful things to know and do for all the employers, contractors and job seekers in the Spinifex community

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Can we build and sustain trusting relationships in a socially distanced world? This is one of the questions we’ve been hearing people talk about over the past week, along with:

  • Where the jobs are

  • Communication during periods of change

Where the jobs are

Over the past week, we’ve listed a number of job opportunities in the following sectors and locations across NSW. Around 34% of those jobs are in the Transport, Postal & Warehousing and Construction sectors.





Northern Rivers region

Sydney – CBD, Leichhardt



Wagga Wagga

For more information, take a look at our current job opportunities   https://spinifexrecruiting.com.au/jobs.php

Also check out the Australian Government Jobs Hub  https://www.dese.gov.au/covid-19/jobs-hub

Building trust at a distance

Ben Jones, our Executive Recruiter in Canberra, shares some lessons about the challenges of maintaining client relationships across the tyranny of distance, virtual and real.

Source: https://www.time4clarity.com/empathy-and-trust-across-virtual-distance-part-2

Ben is seeing higher levels of risk aversion in the market: “Recruitment is driven by confidence as much as necessity. Right now, we all know we’re in for a few more peaks and troughs ahead and that staying safe gazumps everything else.

“So trust is more critical than ever.

“The question then is: How do we build trust in a socially-distanced world? A world in which less people are prepared to take risks including the basics of human interaction like shaking hands?”

Part of the answer lies in understanding consumer and business trust in Australia. Here are a few insights:

So, who and what do people trust? Less than 20% trust advertising, websites, news features and social media; instead:

Ben believes another part of the answer lies in being prepared to go the extra mile to get to know people, their needs and offer solutions that work in their real world.

“We cover most of NSW, so we understand the ‘tyranny of distance’ at Spinifex. Many people lump regional and rural locations together and treat them all the same. But recruiting in Wagga Wagga is different to recruiting in Dubbo, Warren is different to Coleambally, Deniliquin is different to Parkes, Gilgandra is different to Narrandera and so on. 

“You have to understand the things that aren’t in the job description. The cultural nuances. See how the business operates in its local community, whether you’re recruiting for executive or technical roles. 

“Right now, some employers are very specific about what they want and don’t have the time to explore new options. Others are seeing the opportunity to rethink their operations and want candidates with different skill sets. 

“Everyone knows they’ll be left behind if they don’t keep moving.

“There’s no easy and quick fix to building trust in this environment. A good start is to meet market expectations, rather than try to sell something no one wants. Make the effort to get to know what really matters to your clients.”

Communication during times of change

Some organisations have been struggling to engage customers and other stakeholders in the COVID environment.

We’re seeing that the ones doing well are putting emphasis on staff first and clarity of communications.

How a business treats its employees matters to customers

Businesses that get it right:

  • View the employee experience as the DNA for great customer experiences

  • Empower staff to help customers by reducing bureaucratic barriers and keeping staff well informed

  • Emphasise education and training to help staff learn develop their skills and learn new ones

  • Create forums for staff to raise issues and exchange ideas

  • Know employees’ expectations and show how they are working to meet them

Now is not the time for ambiguity, weasel words or covering one’s own butt.

(In fact, there is never a good time for any of that 🙂 ) 

Businesses that get it right:

  • Know their customers and talk to them as real people

  • Talk to customers about what matters to them

  • Have a clear answer to ‘Why should anyone care about this?’

  • Talk about value for customers in specifics not motherhood statements

  • Admit to mistakes and show how they have learned from them

  • Are open and honest about challenges

  • Don’t avoid customers – are visible and accessible at all levels

  • Provide a consistent experience across all channels, whether it’s in person or online

  • Don’t speculate

Remember, there is no profit without people.

Next week, we’re diving into the agribusiness sector

Until then, stay safe.

Scott C Small

Victoria Bila

Managing Director

Group Manager – Operations

Andrew Egan

Damien O’Donnell

Group Manager – Regional Operations

Group Manager – Regional & Executive

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