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02 – Jobs Jobseeker Jobkeeper and the Change Curve

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02 – Jobs Jobseeker Jobkeeper and the Change Curve

For all the employers, job seekers and contractors in the Spinifex community

Like everyone else, we’re on the phone or video at the moment talking with our clients, contractors and job seekers, sharing our experiences and lessons learned about placing people in jobs in this new environment.

Here’s what we’ve seen, heard and learned this week:

  • Where the jobs are

  • Eligibility for JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs

  • Change, resilience and adaptation

Where the jobs are this week

Over the past week, we have listed a number of new jobs in the following sectors and locations across NSW and VIC.



Riverina, VIC



Shepparton, VIC






Wagga Wagga



West Wyalong

Laverton North, VIC



Port Melbourne, VIC

For more information, take a look at our current job opportunities –

Eligibility for the JobSeeker or JobKeeper programs

Everyone is still getting their head around the newly announced JobSeeker and JobKeeper programs.

The two questions we’ve heard the most this week are:

  • Am I eligible for the JobSeeker or JobKeeper program?

  • Is Spinifex eligible for the JobKeeper program? 

JobKeeper is a wage subsidy program, paid to an employer to cover wages for employees. Both the employer and their employees must be eligible. At the time of writing this update, new legislation is still required to put this into effect, but employers and sole operators can:

An employee receiving the JobKeeper payment cannot also receive the JobSeeker payment.

JobSeeker is part of a suite of income support payments for individuals looking for work, including:

  • Job Seeker payment for job seekers between 22 and Pension age

  • Youth Allowance for job seekers aged 21 or younger

  • Youth Allowance for students and apprentices

  • Parenting Payments

  • Austudy

  • ABStudy

Find out more about these payments and how to register at:

If you’re looking for work and are affected by COVID19, you may be eligible for additional support payments. You can find out more here:

Is Spinifex eligible for JobKeeper?

At this time, Spinifex Recruiting is not eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

Change, resilience and adaptation

Six months? 12 months? 18 months? Government spokespeople have been taking about a number of timeframes for how long we may have to live and work in the COVID-19 environment. However long it takes, it’s clear we have to settle in, and dig deep, for a marathon not a sprint.

We’re all going to respond differently to this new normal and go through a range of emotions at different times. So, it’s important to check in on your own mental health. 

Where are you today on the change curve?

Scott C Small

Victoria Bila

Managing Director

Group Manager – Operations

Andrew Egan

Damien O’Donnell

Group Manager – Regional Operations

Group Manager – Regional & Executive

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