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If you have worked for Spinifex Recruiting since 9 May 2016 (or related companies Smalls, GWS, JHA) or have previously registered or applied to a job with Spinifex Recruiting since May 2016 then you may be able to log into our database to update your details, enter timesheets and view your payslips.

If your login doesn’t work or you don’t know your login details please contact your usual Spinifex office for assistance.

Mobile Timesheet Site

If you wish to use a mobile device (phone or tablet) to enter your timesheet data please use the link below. This link will also work on a desktop computer if you are having any issues with the usual login method.


If you have been setup with client portal access you will be able to approve electronic timesheets, update details and view your invoices. If you currently don’t have portal access contact your usual Spinifex office for assistance.

To contact us phone 1300 800 301 or see our contacts page.

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Spinifex Recruiting office staff - use below link.