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Scheme 12

25 – Frequently asked question on NSW Government recruitment

As a small NSW government agency with limited HR resources, how do I quickly and easily hire staff, particularly if I have time pressures on me?

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24 – Opportunities to rebound in 2021

This week we look at opportunities creating momentum for jobs in 2021.

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23 – The human factor in recruiting

This week we’re going beyond the job description into workplace culture. What is workplace culture, Why does it matter and How does ‘workplace culture’ fit in with recruitment?

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22 – Mining jobs… then and now

This week, we talk to mining recruitment specialist Wendy Cheney about the changes she has seen in the industry over the past 30 years, and how they are shaping the skills, experience and mindset employers are looking for.

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Government suppor

21 – Government support shifts

This week we take a look at how shifts in government support and investment programs are challenging us to leave safe harbour.

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20 – What’s happening in Local government

This week we take a look at how councils are building resilience and fuelling progress with a diverse variety of skillsets.

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19 – Employers focus on keeping people in jobs

This week we take a look at the proactive strategies employers are using to rise to the challenge of managing people and productivity during volatile times.

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18 – Risk management in Community Services

This week we take a look at the demand for risk management professionals in community services, brought into sharp focus by the COVID environment and recent changes in WHS Laws.

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17 – The new shift from city to country and coast

This week we take a look at a new mindset driving people to think differently about working and living in regional, rural and remote communities.

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16 – Recruiting in the COVID environment

This week we share what our clients are telling us about the challenges of recruiting and getting the best return on investment during any time.

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15 – The pros and cons of remote work

This week we look at the question of remote work or working from home, and where the jobs are.

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14 – What’s happening in Construction?

This week we put on our hard hats and venture into the industry that accounts for 1 in 4 jobs in NSW

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13 – Negotiation skills – Cyber security

This is our new reality: we’re building the plane as we’re flying it, and we’re all flying in it together.

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12 – Jobs in the STEM sector

This week we take a look at employer demand for people with skills in science, technology, engineering and maths industry.

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11 – Returning to the workplace checklists

How prepared are we to work in the new normal? Now’s a good time to pause for a COVID-safe health check.

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10 – What’s happening in Government?

Victoria Bila, our group operations manager and government specialist, shares some insights on the ebb and flow of public sector recruitment at this time.

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09 – What’s happening in Agribusiness?

Anna Brown, our Agribusiness specialist in Bathurst, takes us on a drive from paddock to plate to share how research and innovation in this sector is shaping employment opportunities.

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08 – Building trust in a socially-distanced world

Ben Jones, our Executive Recruiter in Canberra, shares some lessons about the challenges of maintaining client relationships across the tyranny of distance, virtual and real.

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07 – Roadmap to the new normal and bringing people back to work

This week is about re-entry into the new world. We all know it’s going to be a bumpy ride. So, in this update, we cover some of the things we’re planning to minimise the turbulence and ensure a safe landing.

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06 – What Employers are looking for

This week, we’ve seen employers making a renewed push to get ‘feet on the ground’ in diverse roles across a number of sectors.

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